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Sigils Flickering on Operators


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Recently it seems trying to use a sigil on an operator causes the sigil to flicker and fade in a spastic pattern while moving or simply animating. This happens primarily in captura, but also occurs in planet navigation as well as the plains.
Captura Example

This also occurs to warframes, but at a far more rare chance. I tried seeing if there was a graphical setting causing it, but I couldn't find one.

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I thought I'd bump this up since it's been a bit and add my bit to it instead of making another post.

This has been bothering me also, I think this started in the patch that originally changed operators to the new clothing style. In my case, sigils work completely fine in the ship, but ANY other place outside of the ship I go, be it a social or combat zone, it flickers all over the place, I've not had a single sigil that doesn't do this either

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