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Bug with Gara's wall and Arca Plasmor


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i just noticed that when i have Gara's Mass Vitrify up and try to shoot my arca plasmor out of it from inside it just bounces off and doesn't penetrate it. Don't know if that is a known bug but i thought i should report it.

Keep up the good work DE ^^

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Confirming this bug, plasmor is reflected either from inside or outside. Plasmor is bugged since latest big patch (where they bugged arca plasmor a lot) , please fix plasmor it has also weird spread and punchtru leaving random enemies standing while before it was vaporizing everything in its path.

Also AMP shots are not getting thru gara wall, at least shwaak (plasmor) and shraksun shots are reflected back.

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Seems like something is wrong with Plasmor and Gara's 3 as well.

Also, the 4 and 3 both affect the Panthera shots.  Edit: Same for the Miter as well.  I guess it's not enough our unpopular saw throwers have weakened rivens, they need to not work with the slash frame...

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