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Host migration failed is making the game unbearable


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im sorry but this is starting to get beyond a joke now at this point, when the host dies in arbitration they leave resulting in a mess for the other players with more times than not host migration failed and you lose everything you have done for the past 30 mins, so right now im not touching it again until something is done about it, what a absolute shame really

so instead i said i would put some more time into hunting teralysts, but guess what same crap host migration when the guy dies too many times and wants to leave, over half way through the hydrolyst and we lose everything all because the host doesnt either want to play on or has bad internet

i have excellent internet that i pay alot for and have a very good pc why is my game dictated by the people around me? i can host why does it have to be the first person to enter get to be the host? i would much rather wait the 10s it would take to make a lobby before hand, figure out who would make the best host and then start the game... its really not that hard

so to recap what i experience now on a daily basis

* every 3-4 missions your connected to a host that has piss poor hosting ability's resulting in massive lag with enemys not dying, telephoning all over the place then when the connection catches up your dead because to the server you were just standing still while something killed you

* arbitrations/ teralysts its totally hit or miss if your going to be able to win the host migration lottery resulting in you wasting your time


this was one of the most asked questions for the dev stream but it was totally avoided, everytime something has happened i just put it down to bad luck but its happening way way too often... once is one time too many, didnt they add hardware recently to help with matchmaking no? this turned into a bit of a rant really but i cant be the only one with the frustration? its just silly in 2018 that something like this can be going on when other games have great matchmaking, i shouldnt be punished for other people not able to host properly. i could be a fantastic host but from my experience i rarely am 


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Just now, (XB1)Cubic Clem said:

 And even if I know I'll be connected to a bad host because of almost endless loading, I can't even cancel it..

yes exactly stuck in a nearly endless lobby and just sitting there thinking about closing everything down

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