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Seismic Wave


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I was recently testing some numbers in the simulacrum with my fancy new sentient destroyer, and I decided since tempo royal has so many slams i would test to see how effective seismic wave would be, however in testing I noticed the damage numbers didn't seem to be noticeably changing, so I went to testing on several unmodded weapons including skana, venka prime, paracesis, and a nikana zaw, all tested against both armor-less level 90 infested chargers, and armored level 90 heavy gunners, 10 trials each enemy each weapon with and without seismic wave. and discovered that the damage of the AOE slam itself was being affected, however the direct hit on the enemy with the melee weapon (aka the generally larger number) was not, at first I thought this was simply how it was intended to work and it was another suck-y mod to never touch again, however I then read the warframe wikia for it [1], and noticed comments from 2017 talking about the mod having the opposite problem and working on direct strike but not AOE [2] and as such know that this behavior is not the intended behavior and therefor classifies as a bug.
Therefor: DE, please fix this under-appreciated mod.

[1] http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Seismic_Wave

[2] https://imgur.com/a/lHbDqiz

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