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Zephyr Deluxe Skin when?


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Wasn't there some data corruption, or some Artist leaving the company reason behind it taking a while, or something? I feel like I'm getting mixed up here big time, but I also kinda recall them saying something happened to the original concept and why it wasn't released yet.

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Haha. Yeah. It's just a misfortune they can dedicate efforts to make a deluxe for a very recent warframe but completely forgot another that was almost launched with the game. It just happens. Rules of nature.

@By almost, I mean 1 year after open beta.

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10 minutes ago, Tangent-Valley said:

Wasn't there some data corruption

That was the Equinox Clisthert helmet (currently released).

11 minutes ago, Tangent-Valley said:

or some Artist leaving the company

That was the previous Ember Deluxe skin (concept scrapped, different Ember Deluxe skin released).

The stated reason why it's taking so long is that it's not an actual project assigned to anyone. Some (unnamed) DE employee is a real Zephyr fan and is making it in their spare time. Clearly, they haven't had much spare time for the last two years.

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