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Strun Wraith - Has No One Noticed?


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Has no else one noticed that the crit damage is exactly the same as non crit? 


I heard about it and just tested it client side, yellow numbers same as white.


After testing a few times it seems to only effect the Strun Wraith client side.

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probably a visual bug or some sort






I didnt notiece that D:


Would appreciate it if you guys tested it.


Just got a random guy I was in a game with to have a look, his numbers were the same also (crit and non crit).


And i don't think it is purely visual as I tested crit build vs damage build against hyena a few times, damage build finished off hyena in far fewer shots.

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Has someone reported this problem to DE?  If no please report and show evidence for the benefit of everyone except hopefully for the kill joys who want strun wraith nerfed.


I have got quite a few people to try it out now, everyone who isn't host gets the same results and crit damage is the same as normal damage.


All i can do is steam screenshot it and spread it by word of mouth, but the forums don't seem to allow steam image URLs.

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