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This is not a technical question....


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Heyo fellow tenno. First I wanted to say I'm posting here because it said this was the players helping players and I most definitely need player help. This is not a technical question but it does require the feed back of the community. So without further adue...

My name is Scrye from the YouTube channel Scrye Music and Gaming and I'm looking for anyone interested in being in my next music video. I'm looking to shoot the video this Monday and possibly Tuesday. Ill be starting the shoot at 12pm DE time and it might possibly be live streamed since I've had a few request to do so. 

Requirements: must have plenty of cosmetics to fashion frame with. I'm looking for 3 frames inpaticular. Chroma(pref prime) Nidus(w/ deluxe skin) and rhino(w/ palentine skin). If you're interested or have any questions you can post here or find me on Twitter @scrye_official.

I'm eternally greatful for all the love and support for this amazing community. If you wanna see what this is all about you can check my YouTube channels for examples of what to expect. https://www.youtube.com/user/ScryeOfficial

Thanks again and remember, we all lift together!

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