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Hello! I am currently working on the first of what will hopefully be a series of music videos based on Warframe.
However, I have run into a bit of a snag. Trying to collect all of the clips needed by my self just isn't going to work. I am going to need the community's help on this.
The first video is themed around Survival. Corpus, Grineer, Infested, it doesn't matter. While I am definitely in need of clips of fast paced fighting, I will also need some clips of both you, as well as others, being downed and even dying. I will also need a few reviving clips. If anyone can get their hands on, or point me in the direction of, cinematic/panning shots of all three of the enemy types, that would be fantastic.
Please send a zip file containing the clips (or a link to download them) to: warframemv@gmail.com
Note: If you are planning on submitting clips from Warframe content creators, please get their permission first. A screenshot of their conformation along with the clips would help put me at ease.
If this is in the wrong section, apologies.
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