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A New Warframe Concept: Phiscara, The Close Combat Warframe

(XBOX)AD Exceed

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So with the release of Fortuna around the corner, i started to think to myself as to what warframes would be cool to have besides Garuda, and something awesome came to mind. 
This one is going to be, maybe a little out there, and it will operate on a completely different set of mechanics... so here we go.

This is PhIscara, the close combat warframe. Driven by her Martial prowess and Powerful Chi energy, this warframe can trade blows with and defeat even the most notorious and fiendish enemies. She likes her action up close and personal, hardly preferring to rely on long ranged weapons...or weapons at all, but rather her chi. Showing preferrence to her fists and feet, this warframe vanquishes foes by beating them senseless, mercilessly with a variety of chi fueled attacks... and different abilities to match.
Her bare handed stance will be determined my the "Narta" set of emotes (I particularly like the ECLIPSE NARTA), and which one she has equipped in the emote section, since some of these emotes are based on actual real life styles of fighting, i figured this wouldn't be a bad place to be innovative. This warframe also can use chi as an energy source... Also the chi should be really fluorescent and multicolored, favoring blues and purples, with slight outlines of reds and oranges, as a default. And it should be less like a fire or flame, and more of like a really thick, colorful mist that moves in waves, rather than spikes, like fire. Abilities are as follows:

Passive- Stand Strong: All melee weapons held by Phiscara will have their damage block set to 100% without channelling. When in close combat mode, damage block is set to 100% and a damage reflect ability is also instituted which multiplies enemy damage by 400% and reflects it back at enemies, ignoring all defenses (shield, proto-shield, armor, etc.)
-Has the option to fight bare handed with a specific sparring stance made specifically for her

Ability #1- Kiai: Sound out an aggressive shout that temporarily intimidates all enemies that hear it, reducing their defenses and throwing them off guard. This manifests itself as a sharp decrease in enemy accuracy as well as an additive 20% decrease in armor for grineer and a magnetic proc for corpus. Increases her own confidence and as a result, briefly increases attack speed and damage by +40% and +70% respectively, stackable up to 3 times.

Ability #2- Chi Flare: Voraciously release your chi to bolster your own defenses, manifesting itself as a damage reduction for the warframe that caps at 90% (because that seems to be the meta right now) This ability would be best used with the same system that controls Inaros' Scarab Armor.
- Charges chi up to 100% at which point a large blast of pure chi energy will explode, knocking enemies down. Recovery time (that is, time until they get back up) should be quite a bit longer than usual. Range should be similar to the blast wave of an eximus unit. (Those big-as-hell fire waves that come out of almost nowhere and knock you flat on your ass are so friggin' annoying)
- Stored chi is used as fuel for the Chi Release Attacks 

Ability #3- Chi Release: This one is split into 3 different abilities as it is a group of chi fueled attacks that do different things

- Spirit Wind: A large circle of chi under the warframe that emits quick, repeating waves of slashing force that does very high slash damage while enemies are inside. This circle moves with the warframe and grows as it moves at a rate of 1 meter per meter traveled (Range capped at 90m). Enemies inside the circle are suspended in mid-air and rapidly and repeatedly slashed by the waves

- Spirit Flash: Fires forward a large sphere of chi energy that grows in size mid flight, gaining damage at the expense of stored chi energy then explodes with an explosion radius of 30m. Explosion will apply very strong ragdoll effect to the resulting blast proc.

- Spirit Vacuum: Creates a small, tightly packed orb a chi energy that draws enemies in towards it.
   - If used immediately before Spirit Flash, the vacuum will, after drawing in enemies, become a second chi sphere and the 2 spirit flashes will merge together resulting in an explosion with 200% range and +200% damage 

#4- Close Combat: Summons a set of exalted sparring weapons that can be used to devastate foes (and maybe some different combat armor...please?)
- Constant, but slow energy drain (maybe 2-3 energy /sec)
   - Stored Chi is Maxed out for the duration of this ability.
      - Switches out the Second and Third Abilities for the following abilities
         - When Kiai is used, the range of effectiveness is 3x larger and the self buff is 2x better (+80% and +140% respectively)

Secondary Ability #2- Series Rush: Begin Sprinting at 300% default speed. For every enemy encountered during the rush, they are attacked with a quick series of attacks that has finishers built in that do 100% remaining hp as finisher damage.
- While sprinting, energy drain is increased 2x - 3x

Secondary Ability #3- Spirit Finish: Sacrifices all Stored Chi and warframe energy to erupt in a dome shaped, continuous explosion of powerful chi that grows in size to ~100-120 meters (its meant to be very large and powerful)
- While under the dome, the warframe is invincible.

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With the changes to the gear wheel and emote selection i thin k there will be a problem as people would be able to select ALL NARTA stances. As always, there are also balancing issues, so let's get to fixing that, also i'm going to be messing with your mechanics, so sorry in advanced if you don't like it;

passive: Phiscara is able to use melee attacks without a melee equipped. This will force her into bare hands; like what we have when we get captured by Zenuka or the Halloween events. However, the damage and stance is affected by the mods and stance on her exalted sparring weapon.

Reasoning; 1. this allows for bare handed damage to actually do something, 2. blocking isn't 100% properly implemented in WF (Gram has 180% block damage but you still take damage when channeling the block) but the "reflect attack" part already is implemented (even countering melee attacks it's just the timing is a pain to get right) so there's no real reason to give everything 100% block. Maybe add reduce melee channeling cost in half, cause it can't reach zero.

1st ability "Chi flare"; hold to channel chi, when chi reaches 100 release a blast 10m around you knocking enemies back and dealing 100 damage of selected chi element. tap ability to change the element of chi (fire, cold, electricity, toxin). melee attacks now have a bonus 50% damage of the currently selected chi element.

Reasoning; chi is the essential part of her kit and so should be available from the get go. The element is to give more versatility to her attacks AND to change the visual colors of the chi so more fashion frame.

2nd ability "Kiai"; when cast enemies in a radius of 10m take 20% damage from all sources, further you attack speed and damage increase by 10% times the number of enemies effected; capped at 100%. If chi is above 50% enemies get inflicted with a stun for 3s.

Reasoning; make lots of enemies weaker and make yourself stronger the more enemies you need to defeat so you don't have to recast the ability to get stacks. The stun is an added benefit.

3rd ability "Chi Release"; tap to change the type of chi attack, hold to cast.

Reasoning; this way you can have multiple different chi attacks however, you can't really chain them one after another this way.

1. Spirit Wind: for 15s enemies within a 5m radius of Phiscara will receive 50 damage per tick of the currently selected chi element and further will pull enemies closer. the range and damage will grow for .1m and 1 damage per second the ability is active capping at 30m and 300 damage per tick. Is recastable and changing chi element does not restart the stats but does change the damage type. Drains 15 chi per cast.

Reasoning; this way you can hurt multiple enemies around you, grow in power over time and change elements on the fly. The chi cost is to balance this, may need to increase it to 25 or make it drain 1 chi per second. Further the pulling in is to help with melee range being abysmal on sparring weapons.

2. Spirit Flash: release a sphere .5m in radius that travels in the direction cast. If the sphere touches an enemy or terrain it will explode dealing 100 base damage of the currently selected chi element and knock down enemies 2.5m radius around it. The damage and size of the chi orb will grow as it moves; .5m and 100 damage per 5 meters traveled, capping at 5m radius of orb and 900 damage and 9m radius. Drains 10 chi per cast.

Reasoning; you could potentially spam this but it benefits most if you use it far away.

3. Spirit Vacuum: releases a sphere of chi energy that draws in enemies from 5m away, if it hits a wall it will stick to it and last for 10s. Enemies hit will take 200% more damage from chi based attacks. Drains 25 chi per cast.

Reasoning; it's a moving Vauban vortex that can be used to set up spirit flash; use it, let it stick, move away, fire spirit flash, BOOM!.wav. the drain is higher to balance this technique.

4. Spirit Armour: coats Phiscara in chi reducing damage taken by 75%, however become invincible for 3 seconds every time you are hit. Drains 3 chi every time you are hit.

Reasoning; she was laking defense and had a slot open. I know 75% isn't much but remember, as with all numbers listed; these are BASE and are affected by mods.

4th ability; exalted sparring weapon; has multiple stances, these stances are based off of the different NARTA styles. does mostly impact, very little puncture or slash, decent (~25%) status and crit chance, average 2.0x crit multi. drains energy per second like any other exalted weapon. Killing enemies with this ability restores chi. Performing slam attacks will drain 50 chi and result in a shock wave 10m in radius that opens enemies to finishers for 10s and makes finishers LETHAL with exalted weapon, does not ragdoll enemies.

Reasoning; restores chi, has good stats, promotes comboing with other abilities and is powerful. I got rid of the "invincibility dome" as it was a bit too overpowered and replaced it with Spirit Armor above. I got rid of the rush as it wasn't really worth it compared to opening for finishers. Plus you could emulate it by running sprint speed and attack speed. Example stance; Eclipse Narta; involves mostly kicking with the hands being used for small grabs or balance and maneuvering.

I hope you can consider these changes; especially with the chi element and stances. I just thought they would be a good addition.

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