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[NA][PC][LFA] 🚀Cosmic 🚀 Looking for an alliance! | Rank 10 Moon clan | Very Active | Developed staff team |

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Clan’s name: Cosmic
- Name of the warlord/warlords of your clan: Shai, --C--Infamous, and --C--Rook. We have more warlords, but they do not deal with alliance issues.
- Clan Rank: 10
- Clan Size: Moon
- Previous Alliance: Demonic Council - Got kicked out for trolling to much lele xD
- Inactivity Policy: 7D inactivity kick timer - (200 Online Average) at all times.
- Warlord’s Discord ID/s: --C--Infamous#6416 < Please contact him :) Or feel free to give us your contact info :)
- What are you looking for in an alliance?: An active alliance chat for my clan members, if they ever want to use it.

-Why are we looking for an alliance?: We have been without an alliance for quite a while so that I can use the alliance logo for fashion frame uses. But I would like for the option of alliance chat so my members have more people to talk to if they want to :)

-What my clan offers to an alliance?: Memes, and lots of resources/credits in case alliances ever serve a purpose.


Proof of activity/Roll call:

We have a 200+ online average at all times. The number drops when it is time to sleep :)

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