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Revenant & Titania's deadly combo


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When doing Hydron as host (chroma) and the group also containing a revenant and titania, I was sometimes getting one-shot while melee attacking.  EE.log was reporting that I was taking massive hits from elite lancers:

41992.438 Game [Info]: Kral2 was downed by 1,011 / 1,010 damage from a level 36 ELITE LANCER

I was affected by titania's thorns when it would happen and adaptation simultaneously triggered on slash damage (I had a kronen prime) so it suggested damage reflection was somehow killing me.
Raspberry and I tested it in the simulacrum and could replicate it.  With the host slide attacking revenant's enthralls while titania's thorns aura was active, it would occasionally kill the host.  Here's what it looks like (dunno why youtube destroys the quality, the source video looks fine):



Some notes:

- It's random, but fairly repeatable.  Every couple mob groups in simulacrum we did this with would kill the host, and I died this way four times in one Hydron.

- We could only replicate it when the attacker was the host.  And no one in my original Hydron group died other than the host.

- Still happens even if titania is the host (as seen in the video).

- We only tested melee slide attacks into the enthralls, it might not be specific to melee.

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