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Umbra's Scarf clipping with Repala Syandana (and other 'cape like' syandanas)


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Hey, DE

First off: I don't like to complain

Secondly: With Fortuna on its way, i understand if you don't have time for this 

Thirdly: I play on PS4 but for some reason was unable to post this on the PS4 bug report subsection

Report: I recently purchased the Repala Syandana and equipped it on Excalibur Umbra, and i noticed a really distracting and honestly very annoying and unappealing clipping issue that it had with the scarf, where during movement (everywhere in game) or rotation (in the arsenal) the scarf just... passes right through it and is very annoying (Especially considering that I am an Excalibur Main). And from what I've seen and heard, the scarf does this with... just about every flowing syandana in the game (Most noticeable on the 'Capes') I think the reason i've not noticed this before was because i just kept with the vestapa prime (During my Edgelord phase) and I never used a 'Cape Like' syandana on Umbra, until now when i started doing a sort of "White-Night/Orokin Loyalist" Fashion Frame (which is why i bought the Repala in the first place). 

Please find a way to fix this, DE.

Best Regards: TheSpy101

PS: I watched TennoLive back in july and still haven't gotten the Ash Prime, I was away on holiday and watched the stream from where i was so i wasn't able to log in the week before TennoLive. I am a major procrastinator and meant to send this since July, sorry if its off topic though, Moderators, please don't remove this post.

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My word placing was a bit wonky
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