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nidus build thoughts ?



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11 minutes ago, Pmueck3 said:

i'm trying to get my nidus build with the adaptation mod and was wondering what you guys think of my current build d60b4b7321.jpg

The adaption mods seems kinda bad in their cause the 90% damage reduction from your 3 is enough and for flow I think isn't needed cause you have rage which let's you have 100% energy pretty much all the time and your skill with 100% efficiency only needs a little bit of energy so maybe switch them both for primed continuity and for gladiator resolve I feel that the extra 180 health is a bit meh and I would switch it out for the 2 augment or augur mods

This is what I would do but this is your game so you can choose to ignore my tips

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Nidus is a balance act between Power Strength and eHP when it comes to scaling and Solo / Pub play.

Range is a different matter based on play style but Power Strength will determine how high in level he can effectively kill and also improves his recovery rate though his 4th ability. I've tested Nidus a good amount in the past and can tell you'll have no problems Surviving against lvl 300+ enemies but you'll struggle to kill them. You simply have more eHP than is needed for the level range he's going to kill effectively. This is not considering team play in which a different relationship between Power Strength and eHP takes place by Linking to an appropriate Frame like Banshee or Octavia to make them a ridiculous team damage boost.

I ran multiple runs a while back between these two builds


The 209% Power build fell off around lvl 280 while the 299% Power build fell off around lvl 400. Of course this is an older test before Arcane Guardian changes. This was an Energize + Grace combo and I've been meaning to compare Guardian x2 + Hunter's build but haven't felt like spending multiple 2-3h sessions to do so.

Your build is fine if you just don't want to die but as I mentioned for scaling purposes it's a balancing act because once you can't kill things quickly, you'll take more and more damage negating the fact you have more eHP. Then of course once you proc undying 2 times within 5 min it gets esp hard to recover. If you're just doing Sorties or such then frankly I don't think it even matters. You can do Sorties with no mods on with Nidus if you wanted.

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5 hours ago, xXPeGaSuSXx said:

@GnarlsDArkley it doesn't fit 😘

You probably want to replace one of the umbral mods with its regular variant (i suggest vitality) getting all 3 umbral tends to reduce the build options. 

Gladiator resolve will add very little value, not worth the mod slot at all. Replace with above suggested mod. 

Flow will not be very useful unless you don't use your 3 and 1 effectively, you should be pretty set with the base energy pool. 

Would suggest primed continuity + transient fortitude with the mod capacity freed. 

You can keep rage if you want, but you should have enough capacity for hunter adrenaline.  

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