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Alt-tabbing while in chat


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This is kind of weird, and maybe not really a bug, but it'd be an improvement I'd appreciate.


If I leave chat open, so it doesn't fade/hide old messages, and then I alt-tab out of Warframe, this counts as pressing tab to switch chat tabs.  I'd really like it if it didn't switch my chat tab, since when I alt-tab back in, I have to hit tab a bunch of times to get back to where I was.


For example, if I open chat and leave it on trade, then alt-tab out, then back in, I'll end up on the chat tab after trade.

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I like to bump this up to get it fixed.  I spend a good deal of time waiting for groups to form to do a specific radiant relic run.  I like to keep an eye on the recruiting tab when I have alt-tabbed into a browser window.  Because alt-tab does the same thing as tab in the chat window, this behavior changes which chat is active in the chat window.  This isn't a giant bug, but it is annoying as hell.  Could we please get a fix?   Thank you.

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