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Phase, The Multiplicative


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Hello All!!!

This is my first crack at a Warframe Concept! I am not very artistically skilled so I won't be able to create any images of the frame, but I really love this concept, so I wanted to get it down. Also just a side note, I'm not super great with naming things, so please judge, and if you have better name ideas, please comment them below. Without further ado, let's get into it:

Phase, The Multiplicative

Passive, Phasic Regression:

Whenever Phase would go down while he has an active Phase Phantom, he instead shifts back to the Phantom, restoring him to the current HP/Shields of the Phantomm, and causing it to explode.

1st Ability, Phasic Phantom:

For a short period of time after casting (2s), Phase records his actions. At the end of the period, he spawns a Phase Phantom that performs any weapon or movement actions that he took during the recording period. This Phase Phantom has the same stats as Phase and the weapon he was using. Phase Phantoms last for a set duration (12s), resetting upon completing the action. Phase can only have 3 phase phantoms active at a time. If Phase gets too far away from a Phantom, it will fade.

For example, Phase activates this ability and moves 10 meters forward, and fires the Arca Plasmor. The Phase Phantom will spawn where Phase was at the time of casting and before the same actions. The Phase Phantom will move 10 meters forward and fire the Arca Plasmor, then reset to its spawn location and do the same thing again. It will have time to do this 6 times (12s duration with actions taking 2s, 12/2 = 6).

2nd Ability, Phasic Force:

Phase unleashes a wave of energy in a cone in front of him that disarms enemies.

This ability is pretty generic, and I was struggling to come up with a good cc ability to work well with his 4, so this was the best I could think of at the time. Simple, but it works incredibly well with his 4.

3rd Ability, Phasic Overload:

Phase shoots a spike of energy at one of his phantoms, causing it to overload, gaining increased damage for a short period of time (4s), but then causing it to explode, dealing damage and knocking down nearby enemies. If Phase holds this ability, he will cause all of his Phantoms to overload, increasing the energy cost for each additional Phantom.

Example on the hold mechanic, the ability costs 25 to just fire it, the hold would make it 25 per Phantom, so 3 Phantoms would mean 75 energy.

4th Ability, Phasic Omnipotence:

Phase pushes his recollection to the limit and analyzes all enemies within range(30m) over a short period of time(2s). At the end, he causes all enemies to get trapped in that loop for a duration (16s). While trapped, enemies will be forced to move and repeat their movement and any cc effects; however, they are still able to aim and attack barring cc. If an enemy dies while caught in the loop, they will respawn at the end of the recording period. Loot will be dropped each time an enemy is killed.

For example, a grineer lancer is charging at Phase. Phase activates this ability, and begins recording the lancer. He then activates his 2, causing the lancer to get disarmed half way through the recording. The recording ends, and the lancer is reset to his initial position, and weapon status (he has his gun). The lancer will then charge again before losing his weapon half way through again. Phase kills the lancer before he is reset, causing him to drop loot. The lancer stays dead until the reset is supposed to happen, then is reset to that initial position. The lancer can then be killed again for more loot, and so on and so on until the effect ends. Now do that radially to all nearby enemies.



Like I said I really like this concept. Personally, the innate synergy of his 1 and 4 is what is super exciting to me. I like the idea of a frame that has this double edged sword of keeping enemies around, or multiplying their numbers, while also rising to that challenge. But talking about what's great about something is no fun, so let's critique it!


This concept has some major flaws to it. The biggest offender is the idea of fire and forget/ autoplay. If not tuned properly, Phase becomes very auto play. That's why I tried to keep relatively short durations on everything, so he would still have to do work to keep it going. Aside from that, his 2 and 3 feel pretty lackluster to me. His 3 is a useful utility for clearing away unloved Phantoms, but again pretty lackluster. I was thinking that maybe it could interact with the passive to where Phase would gain the buff for extended duration if he was zapped back while it was active. It seems a little too niche though so *shrug*. His 2 is basic and boring. Nuff said. No I kid, but seriously, there isn't much too it. I would really like for him to have some kind of cc that could combo well with his 4, making so he doesn't have to use only his 1 and 4. I was looking for his cadence to be something like you start reading enemies (4), then cause some cc to put them at a constant disadvantage when they have to repeat that action (2), then deal with the enemies caught in their time loops by looping yourself (1), and then making that stronger? (3?). 4 into 2 into 1 is really fun sounding but I'm just not sure where 3 fits into that puzzle. His passive also exists because in theory, you're super increasing the amount of enemies you have to face, so he needs some kind of personal survive.


I hope you enjoyed my concept, feel free to like comment and subscribe for more... 😜. Sorry just a joke, but seriously, feel free to tear this apart, I would love to see some outside ideas, especially for his 2 and 3. Thanks all!

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