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[Archwing] Enemies now only move in two dimensions


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I couldn't find the chimera megathread so I'm making a new one here.



(screenshot taken during an alert on Neptune, Salacia)


These enemies have lost the knowledge on how to move up and down and only rotate while aiming, but go back to looking in the same direction after they shoot (they don't look in the direction of players, there was no one right of me). This mean they effectively come in a straight line, until they arrive at their destination at which point they put themselves in a grid and stop moving. That doesn't look like intended behaviour and I don't remember them moving that way before the update...

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Did some Archwing leveling yesterday and found that enemies can't turn around. They spawn in facing a certain direction and can't change it. If they are not facing the mobile defense objective to shoot at it they kind of clump up on top of it.

Archwing enemies are also getting stuck on tons of level geometry.

Archwing enemies spawn and all slowly follow in a single file line to there destination. Which looks silly and makes them easy pickings.

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