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Increased Enemy Spawns


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I'm primarily a single-player Tenno, often going solo into missions, grinding solo and doing some events solo. Reason behind the fact I'm a solo player? I just find more satisfaction and fun out of mowing down hordes of Grineer and Infested with just my little Ember or Umbra and my trusty shotgun. I will occasionally dabble in public and 'friends' but I'm more of a Lone Wolf in the gaming industry than anything. Hard to hear as that is I know. I just hate it when others steal my kills simply by walking around with a maxed out Frame that insta-kills everything and anyone around them.

But this isn't a rant thread about spamming OP abilities. I don't want to deal with that type of thread. This thread is concerning the abundance (or lack of) enemies to fight during missions.

What I mean by this is, take a survival on Saturn. You boarded a Grineer Galleon and set off an alarm. The Grineer panic and switch off life support and then throw wave after wave of grunts at you, and, progressively it gets more difficult. This topic is about the NUMBER of enemies that are thrown at you every second with every wave.

Something I've noticed is that there is a severe lack in enemies when playing solo compared to three other people. When playing with others, you pretty much get swarmed by Lancers and MOAs, etc. But your teammates are butchering them faster than you can effectively get a shot off anyway so it doesn't really matter. When doing a solo survival, I almost always end up having to wait or find where the Grineer are spawning so I can keep getting life support units from them. Or they simply just trickle in two at a time. My question is, why can't we have the same number of enemies thrown at you when playing solo and actually FEEL like your trying to survive against all odds rather than having to FIND where the enemy is. 

I get that it might be a balancing thing, newer players and Forma'd Frames might get completely eviscerated by the sheer volume of bullets hitting them. But.. is that really stopping the idea that the higher the planet level the tougher the survival and other mission actually becomes rather than a few new enemy types and effective level of said enemy?

Unless I've been having a serious malfunction in the brain department all this time for years and there's no difference between enemy spawns for solo and multi, then this entire thread can be discarded. Or used to increase said spawns?

Your a Warframe, a Space Ninja. Fighting insurmountable odds is what we do best, and I tend to find Infested missions and Invasions sorely lacking in the sheer volume of enemies department. But I'm just a Lone Tenno trying to be heard in a vast universe of salt and bad memes. Until my next lengthy thread about a relatively small topic, I am Vics, thanks DE for a great game. :clap:

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Enemy density should scale with time. With this method, the longer you are "alerted" in Orb Vallis or a survival mission, the more overwhelmed you will be. If you are being overwhelmed by trash mobs, your difficulty doesn't change, but if you are matched with several Nox, Manics, Baliffs, and other heavy enemy types, things get more interesting. Arbitrations could use this method, and Elite Onslaught is a great example on how increasing enemy density with trash mobs does not accomplish much.

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