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My Abilities Submission For Who We Now Know As Nova (Alchemy Waframe Concept)


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This was my submission for the creation of the matter/antimatter frame. Looking back on it i really like my ideas and would like to share it with the rest of the community. Note that the numbers are just roughly estimated for balance or not numbers at all.


POWER 1 (Blast) Conjure antimatter at target location causing a blast dealing damage. If target is an enemy the damage and radius is increased by a small amount.

Mecanics detail: the blast sets off at nearest enemy or surface in line of fire. If not, the blast sets off in the air at it's maximum distance. max distance increased by stretch, damage increased by focus.


POWER 2 (Antimatter charges) For ~5 seconds/ X bullets your shots from primary and secondary weapons will be loaded with antimatter, causing small explosions on impact, dealing bonus damage by X% of your weapon's shots.

Mecanics detail: damage increased by focus, range of explosions increased by stretch, duration/number of bullets increased by continuity


POWER 3 (Wall) Create a wall of matter at target location for ~15 seconds. If the wall is hit by Blast it is /partially/ destroyed.

Mecanics detail: Placed similarly to Blast. Max range increased by stretch, duration increased by continuity.


POWER 4 (Golem) Draws from the surroundings to create a golem that fights for you for ~15 seconds. If the golem is hit by Blast it explodes dealing high damage in the nearby area.

Mecanics detail: Lifespan increased by continuity, golem and explosion damage increased by focus.



Now if you disregard the antimatter part of it (Blast just being a simple blast for example) this becomes a concept for maybe an Alchemy frame; transmutation, creation and destruction and whatnot.


Also Power 2 was more of a fill-in just to have a full skillset and i wanted something that focused on destruction to balance out destruction and creation in the ability concepts.


So, what do you think?

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To be honest I like Nova how she is. I never use Anti Matter Drop however so maybe they could replace that with something else more useful.

This is not a remake suggestion, it was my submission to when she was getting created by the council that i wanted to share.

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