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WTS High Tier Rivens 🔥 80+ rivens for sale. Includes Plague Keewar, Quartakk, Braton, Attica, Sepfahn, Akbolto, Dokrahm, Cyath, Paris, Opticor, and many more!🔥


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Greetings fellow Tenno,

I have a large collection of good to high tier rivens for sale.  Most of them have desirable positive stats and good/harmless negative stats.
80+ rivens are available at this time.  Great rivens for veterans who know what they want out of a riven.


I have changed the formatting of my sales posts in order to streamline updates.
In order to view what I have for sale, please visit my riven.market profile:

You can reference my past collection of sold rivens be clicking here 
(207 sold rivens and counting!  Thank you to my buyers!



I am also on Youtube!  Feel free to check out my channel for some cool videos including riven test videos, cinematic quest playthroughs.
I am starting a new series on platinum making to help out the community!  I will be releasing a video regarding the riven market soon 🙂
You can check out my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/OmegaWarframe



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