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Fortuna Soundtrack


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Music is always an important topic in video games. For me it can make or break the immerson of a game. Warframes soundtrack is great and diverse, but it is heavily orchestra and classic, too.

When watching you playing the Fortuna Devbuild, it kinda sounds like the soundtrack in the open world as some kind of Mass Effect or Blade Runner style to it. More synthetic, 80s sci-fi tunes. And I would totally love to hear this kind of soundtrack for the Fortuna update. It would fit in every aspects. But it is very hard to hear in the stream. Can we get a sneak peak of the Fortuna open world soundtrack for some clarity, please? And if I am wrong here and there is nothing like that in the making, would you love to hear tunes like that in Warframe in the future?

Edit: Something like that. I bet many of you here know this track.

All those New Retro Wave artists could be a great source of inspiration, too, I guess. Especially the first ambient part fits great, when I combine it with the image a player gets, when he enters the planet surface and the big landscape reveals. Something like that would be great, too.


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