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Titania rework idea


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Titania rework idea:
Passive: whenever you kill an enemy while afflicted by any abilities, you have a 50% chance of summoning a razorwing, which gives you +10% power duration and + 5 % attack speed. The maximum is 10 razorwings.

1st ability stays the same. Good crowd control and good overall

The 2nd ability stays partially the same. When you cast it on an enemy, the normal buffs are still there. When cast on a teammate, it gains +25% bullet jump and slide , +10% attack speed and +10% damage reduction

3rd ability is also replaced. The first ability does everything the third one does but better, the explosion is again impractical, since you can kill those enemies while they get afflicted by the beacon anyways. And guess what the first ability does? Incapactitates enemies in the air so you can kill them. See where I'm getting at with this? The first ability is basically the same but more practical.

Now the 3rd ability makes you sacrifice all your razorwings for a squad buff that gives energy to everyone. +10 energy per razor wing.

4th ability can stay the same. It's her signature ability. The only thing that changes is that depending on your razorwings, you gain a +5% damage buff per razorwing.

NOTE: these are the stats without mods. Of course, power strength will boost most of the stats above, duration will also be important (but not much duration mods are needed, since her passive gives her +10% power duration PER razorwing), and efficiency is also pretty important here (like on most warframes anyways).

Titania is a great Warframe idea,but there is so much wasted potential in her.

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