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IDEA for interior Ship?


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Ok over the few years of playing I have always enjoyed getting a new pet though the grind for kavat scans was urg... but anyways ive collected like five pets so far and two of them being puppies! -one kavat got shot out into space cause I forgot they did that back then :( 

so now we have a personal quarters but I think instead of Having to put them in stasis ( like pet slots instead + wait time for combat ready ) they could just ALL be running around your ship or set to a certain room would be cool. You could put your Helminth chargers in the infested part of your ship, kubrows in your personal quarters, kavats in your oribter room and Sentinals Flying around the foundry area?

Anyways just thought id throw it out there and see if someone else would like to see in a future update. thx for reading

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