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Kuva Survival Bug


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I was farming kuva from the kuva survival mission in the fortress with 2 of my friends.  At around 45 minutes I went into operator mode and then I was stuck in it.  I died as that and went back into my warframe (Nekros Prime).  I couldn't use his abilities for some reason, so I went and died.  I could use them after that, but when I went back into operator mode, the same bug happened again.  We went and extracted, but I noticed that I lost all the kuva that I gained.  Around 7,000 kuva was lost.


This was taken when I just into my orbiter.

I just checked my "Last Mission Results" and it shows that I got 7,400 kuva, but for some reason I didn't actually receive it.



Sorry that this isn't enough proof.  I didn't record the end of this mission, so this is the best I can do.

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Have you taken this to support btw? It's VERY unlikely they will reimburse kuva of all things since it's not a rare mod or similar, but you could try.

Normally the only time you'd lose kuva is if you got disconnected mid-mission, reconnected, and extracted without harvesting any after that.

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