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I need help.


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I've been playing for not too "long" I'm not addicted or anything. Well right now I'm on Sedna and I have been having trouble fighting the enemies there and on Pluto too because they are "high" level to me. I barely passed Pluto though. Does anyone have any recommendations that can help me? (P.S Right now I'm trying to farm Equinox)

Here are the weapons I usually use.

Main Primary: Boltor  Secondary: Just got aklex   Melee: tbh the only good weapons I have are in melee. (broken war, guandao, nikana(crafting dragon), galatine)

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Just pay attention to what other players use.

There aren't to many good weapons but as far as i remember.

Primary: Opticor, Lenz, tabirium prime, arca plasmator

Secondary: asktileto prime, euphona, akbolto prime, kustar, atomos

Melle: guandao, orthos, same zaw's.


For the mod... that't a different story. Make a list of the ones you need and go to where those drop.

Note: get the primed mods. And melle weapons don't make sense without primed fury full ranked.

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