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Garuda abilities suggestion


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i heard there are lot of tenno not liking garudas abilities including myself so i tried and came up with a "suggestion" to improve her and fit her theme better.

what do you think tenno, leave feedback! :smile:

1. - Blood Spike - Garuda shoots one of her spikes from her arms dealing piercing damage and inducing a slash proc.
Spikes have base replenish cooldown wich scales oposite with duration (gets shorter). Spikes also have 8 stacks and will replensih one by one according to cooldown after the time of activation.
  -cooldown timer: 10s (modable)-dur
  -spike damage: 90/150/250/350 (modable)-str
  -energy cost: 25 (modable)-eff

2. - Blood Rain - Garuda (d)rains her own health in similar fashion like inaros scarab swarm resulting in buffing her damage output (wich is provided by her passive), and giving her acuraccy reducing aura around her wich scales in duration with the amount of health drained and activates after health draining. Garuda can drain health to max of 100 health remaining. (having a larger healthpool will result in having better buff/s due
 to being able to drain more health).
  -acuraccy reduction: 15/20/25/35% (not modable)
  -aura range: 20m (n/m)
  -health drain: 29hp/s (n/m)
  -energy cost: 15 (happens after releasing ability hotkey) (modable)-eff

3. - Rend/Red Mist - If garuda has spikes on her arms she will pounce in direction shes looking and slash a first victim with her spike claws on the path dealing damage and healing herself in a % of damage. damage is dictated by current amount of spikes on her arms. (more spikes=more dmg=more lifesteal)
if garudas all spikes are on cooldown rend ability becomes red mist ability and alowing garuda to dissolve to blood particles and float in a red cloud similar like wukongs cloud walker.
red mist can be toggled on and off almost instantly while spikes are on cooldown and drains energy while toggled on. (obviously)
  -pounce range: 6/8/10/12m  (modable)-range            -ability delay time: 0.5s
  -damage per spike: 50/65/80/95  (n/m)                       -energy cost: 15
  -percentage healed:25%  (n/m)                                   -energy draing: 3 while standing still, 5 while moving  (modable)-eff 
  -energy cost: 50 (modable)-eff

4. - Blood Frenzy - Garuda enters a state, set by duration where she gains 5 health bonus and 25 shield/overshield bonus for every enemy slain during the blood frenzy. this will not result in
 healing garuda when killing enemys but only in increase of her maximum health pool. on the other hand shields will be regained (or added on full hp) and not increasing maximum amount of shields.

  -bonus health cap:300
  -duration: 30s (modable)-dur
  -energy cost: 100 (modable)-eff

For all this to have some sense garudas base stats should be determined, and that is something i was afraid to do by msyelf so if you want you can help me!

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1 hour ago, Almighty_Jado said:

Only her ult needs a change really. She’s so deep into development that a complete overhaul to her kit is probably a bad idea anyways.

Ya i agree, her ult was kind of boring and generic. I hope they rework it to something that matches her claws aesthetic or more blood and gore stuff.

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I have a suggestion for Garuda's ultimate ability:


Seeing how people have been arguing about how it is an inactive ability. The kind that got Banshee's nerfed. I have a suggestion that may help.

Upon activation, the screen will be outlined with blood dripping (translucent, so it doesn't interfere with gameplay), her melee and firearms will become unavailable throughout the duration of her ultimate ability's timer. When attempting to use melee strikes, Garuda will lunge at the enemies slashing away at them with blood spewing to nearby enemies temporarily blinding them, making them susceptible to finishers. When attempting to fire at the enemies, Garuda will rip the claws from herself (doing self damage in the process) and launch them at enemies with ferocious force, doing more damage the more she fires. This will have a semi automatic firing style, to support the quick gameplay of Warframe.

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On 2018-10-22 at 8:36 PM, Helm said:

Ya i agree, her ult was kind of boring and generic. I hope they rework it to something that matches her claws aesthetic or more blood and gore stuff.

Her ultimate should look more scary in my opinion. I think should be able to use her claws and look like a floating demon chasing people with an animation simular to how a ghost's animation would be if you know what i mean.

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