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More lively Umbra


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Given the nature of umbra I find it kinda dull that,when transferring in the ship, he just stands idle like every other frame. Maybe as just like a neat little thing for him, when you are operator he goes to your personal quarters and like sits down or just hangs around and does something since he has a will of his own. I just find it kinda funky that like the whole thing about sacrifice is that he is unique and can fight by himself without needing the Tenno. just a cool little idea I guess

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Or for that matter, if he isn't your active warframe, why isn't he hanging out in your ship? I feel kinda bad leaving him in warframe storage... (volt main, I rarely switch frames unless the situation calls for it)

Actually, with the fact that he can act independently in mind, it'd be great if you could bring him into a mission instead of another "companion", and he'd just act like he does when you're in your operator form. Sure, it could cause some potential issues gameplay wise (like having to equip him with his own set of weapons, not to mention mods), but it's just a thought. Maybe it'd just work like a specter. It's just weird how much he's treated like all the other warframes, outside of his passive. 

But yeah, he should be more important and you know, treated like the living thing that he is, as the quest encourages us to do. 

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