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Fail to connect ps4 cntroller to pc platform game


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I just fixed a ps4 controller my lil brother broke, just to get the news we dont have a working ps4 anymore. since i have an account on my laptop I figured it was no harm to play there too with the now useless controller for an absent ps4 console. the thing is no matter what i try i cant seem to get the game to recognize i am using a ps4 controller. Emulators is a no go, since key bindings have to be made either on the emulator itself or in the key bindings of the keybord, with in any case destroy de purpess of having controll support bindings and icons in the game since the game will run as is there is no actual controller.

no, i dont have it by steam, since is very redudndant cuz i have to log in to steam first make it launch the game and then the game makes its launch. 

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forgot to add a detail
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