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Let's talk about Titania


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With the Titania rework in mind, I wanted to bring up a few quality of life changes that I think would be nice.


-With removing collision damage, why not also remove most of the friction while in razorwing. One of the most irritating things playing Titania is rubbing up against a wall and losing all your momentum or just stopping all together. Speaking of momentum, maintaining speed switching in and out of razorwing would be nice.


-Give Titania the "twirl" animation on all 'shift' dashes. (in razorwing)


-Have enemies killed while effected by her 1 drop extra loot (augment)


-Make her razorflies more viable! I think it's been brought up before, but Titania's razorflies should come back one by one at a reasonable rate. Also, I don't know if anyone else is bothered by the razorflies ALWAYS being on attack mode, but I am. It'd be great if we could command them (hold 4) to either be on the offensive or defensive. Defense would probably be they'd swarm around you and take bullets for you, OR, could be for stealth (wouldn't that be funny, a stealth Titania)


-Fix bug where certain capture targets cannot be damaged by razorwing Titania


That's all I got off the top of my head, let me know what you think!

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Collision shouldn't be as huge an issue with Razorwing getting an innate Vacuum since we won't have to hug the ground anymore. But it was irritating when you got too close to the ground and it felt like it was tractorbeaming you even tho you weren't quite touching it vusually. 

I won't lie I could probably be talked into a Spellbind based loot augment, no idea how I would fit it into my build tho since the only two "free spots" are being taken up by Blitz and Natural Tallent. I guess Blitz is more flavor but Natural Tallent is almost a must with as slow as Titania casts/transitions. But I'd at least try it. 

The Razorfly thing had totally skipped my mind since I only ever really notice them getting chewed up on the Plains and I pretty much stopped taking Titania out on the plains. What with the whole ~LOL U DIED~ oneshotting her because the game decided that Razorwing is Archwing and half the Grineer + the Turrets have weapons that oneshot archwing, dismounting others but insta killing Titania. The only respite being that they are slightly more interested in oneshotting your Razorflies but the second those are gone ~LOL U DIED~ So yeah a way to replenish those without recasting Razorwing would be super cool :)


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