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Gara Stat Stick Behaviour



So as you probably know Gara's Shattered Lash scales based on her weapon/weapon mods, and based on how much damage you do with it you can boost the damage done by splinter storm. I was running a few tests and noticed that my heavy zaws seem to have an innate damage bonus. Wondering if anyone can explain this?

Testing as follows:

  1. Gara with 130% strength
  2. Equip melee weapon with no mods
  3. Cast Her 2, then cast 4, go outside of her 4 and cast 1 (holding for slash damage)

Splinter storm gives 325 damage as base, and after casting her 1 reaches 1,365 damage with almost all weapons I use.

However with my two heavy blade zaws I reach 1,729 damage. (Vargeet Jai II, Shtung, Dokrahm and Ekwana II Jai, Shtung, Dokrahm)

I have tested with a zaw dagger and I reach 1,365 as "normal" and have also tested with heavy blades (Paracesis, Gramm prime etc) and all seem to hit 1,365. Is there something obvious I'm missing which explains this?

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