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Controller Market place UI change


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Im using a steam controller, key map kinda like Xbox controller so Y,B,A,X for example

ok to the point,

i purchased a "Greater naramon lens" by mistake trying to buy the blueprint 🙀

my suggestion is to make it so plat purchases you have to click "X" & normal credit purchases "A"

even if u click on the UI button for credit u still gotta click "A" & if ur aim is off u could end up buying with plat by mistake! 😿


What happen to me in detail,

so i was searching for the lens in the market panel & clicked on it not thinking i could have spent plat not knowingly, i dont think i even got a confirm window for purchasing with plat... after the purchase i went to my foundry to start cooking the lens bp that i thought i purchased, i could not find it i looked all over was like wtf, than i noticed it my "Eidolon Lens blueprint" showed 1/1 for greater lens 🙀 than noticed my plat was down from 70 to 30 😿 will that sucks i thought >.> 


so ya that is my simple solution idea to help add some extra protection from mistaken buys with plat using a controller at lest


side note

i did make a ticket & was helped with this but they did tell me "Please note that all Platinum purchases are considered to be final." but in this instance not sure why but they did my request, idk if they know i stream some(prob not), maybe because its my first time mistake, or maybe because i explained what happen & a solution to help keep this from happening to others as often! or maybe combo.

who knows but thank you so much [DE]Terence, he also said i should post suggestions like this on forums so here i am!

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side note
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