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Limbo Prime Bp Farm (Phobos - Stickney)


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I Really dont know if this is a bug or that guy (we) are super lucky. But i played a fissure in Stickney (Phobos) where i got into a full auto party. after one guy left, another joined and subsequently left, there were 3 of us and one of them always chooses MesoT3 (nothing unusual still). Heres the catch, every time his/hers is cracked open, it always gives us a Limbo Prime Bp. I dismissed the first two as luck and on the third i started thinking, on the forth set i also placed a MesoT3 to see if it also cracks a Limbo Prime Bp. It gave me a Paris Lower Limb and his/hers cracked a Limbo Bp again. after that i needed to go so i asked them for an extract and we extracted. and voila, 4 Limbo Bp in my inventory. is this normal? Im keeping them in my inventory until later. thanks 🙂

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