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WTS Lots of Rivens

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Update log:

  • Sold & Traded: 2x Legend Core, R10 Rare Ancient Fusion Core, 2x Arca Plasmor, 2x Lato, Skana, Aklex Acricron, Aksomati, Dual Cleavers, Supra Acri-critatio, Euphona Prime, Ignis Visicron, Twin Gremlins, Skiajati Visitis, Vasto, Cassowar, Amprex, Plague Kripath, Guandao Acritor, The Old Boar, 2x Strun, Sybaris, Spira, Braton, Kohm, Vectis, Supra Feva-arcican, Lanka Critatis, Plague Keewar, Akbolto, Kohm Hexadra, Lenz, Ignis Critatio, Veldt, Opticor Geli-critaata, Aklex Feva-critatis,  and some cheap riven.
  • Recently Added: Plague Kripath Visi-cronisus, Lanka Vexi-critaata, Pyrana Santicron, Aklex Visi-critanok, Ignis Acricron, Cassowar Cronitor, Twin Vipers Visicron, Supra Critcan.

CC + CD +DMG/MS...


Dual Crit...


CC + DMG/MS...




Melee Rivens...


Some Good Rivens...


And More, PM me if you interested

PS: Selling 2x Legend Core, R10 Rare Ancient Fusion Core, Kinetic Diversion, Magma Chamber & Searing Steel...

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