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Unable to move in Defence mission [Meme inside]


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I have no clue how to describe this but the bug happens as follows

I loaded into a defence mission on Hydron to farm, and as I was loading, I died from a butcher due to loading a bit too slow to react.

Once I was revived by a fellow team mate,... I'm not sure whether to call this a bug or a new emote I wish that could be added into the game.

What do I mean?

Well it looks like this;



Is ThIs A nEw MeMe FoRmAt?

Basically, I could move around but it looked like I was sliding across the map.

I could not jump, use gear items, nor does selecting an emote from the gear button solves it.

I tried going into my menu screen and back out but was still stuck like this. Dieing again and reviving didnt solve it either.

Oddly enough, I could use my first ability but couldn't use any other abilty after that initial usage. I tried Transference but it didn't work either, the only solution was to stay stationary and extract at 5 waves.

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