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Mastery Rank 10


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I attempted to do the mastery rank 10 moments ago, at first i messed up not knowing that the floors spawned right next to me (could hardly see) and failed first two attempts,third attempt i got the 15 kills but it kept going and it ended up making me go again, this time i did the 15 kills, i got on every single square before they disappeared, then my character just started falling, and has been falling through infinity for the last 5 minutes. I know I should probably just abort the mission, but I'm sure this isn't intentional.

After about 2 minutes it spawns me above where the platforms spawn but no platforms so I fall back into the abyss.
Edit 2:
After aborting the trial, I still received MR10. So although really confused, I'm not too annoyed.

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Same thing just happened to me, So on attempt 1 i killed all 15 but i think i accidently missed platform and fell but i still had that screen go "White" like i comipleted it, only i didn't. attempt 2 i killed all 15 again, eventually ran out of floors then falling in white forever at 15/0. since this wasn't practice i was waiting and waiting and hoping it fixed itsself so i didn't have to wait 24 hours, finally i took screenshots and then abandoned expecting to report it if i wasn't allowed to complete test due to bug. but i am now mastery 10... so it seems it completed. That's good but it made me think i was going to have to wait 24 hours and i didn't want to abandon... kinda stressful . 

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