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Challenges Broken The 8-Fold Path


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The Challenge The 8-Fold Path is Broken. No matter how or what frame i do this Challenge it does not complete. I have done all the requisites.

No Primary,

No secondary,

No companion of any type.

I have unequipped everything except my Melee weapon, which is a Zaw Staff Melee weapon.

And i even did not use any Powers. Thinking maybe this was what was causing the problem. I have been doing the Hydron Defense but does not complete.

When i go to check in Challenges it says it's ready and thats all.

I have done many defenses with only a Melee weapon, This Challenge should have been done years ago as i have spent Hours doing Melee on defense missions in the past. ( I've been Playing Warframe since 2014 )

I went and checked all my Challenges today. and tried it again still does not complete. Or maybe it's not starting in the mission. 

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I'm also playing warframe since a while. I'm MR25 and I just succeded to unlock the 8-fold path achievment.
It is not the first time I tried to unlock it. Now, I'm spending a little time to explain what I done to succeed...
I think the whole squad must use melee only, then I did it alone.

I used :

  • Valkyr (my usual build, with arcane)
  • no primary
  • no secondary
  • my usual zaw (without arcane, I don't use it on melee)
  • my usual mods on the 4th power of valkyr (I didn't broke my usual build)
  • no sentinel
  • then no sentinel weapon

I played :

  • alone (friend only)
  • on Lith 1-3 Defence on Earth
  • without using any mouse button
  • without using any gear stuff
  • without using my operator

I remember to read that was a bug about mouse click then I did't take the risk.
I didn't use any mouse button, I just use the mouse to looking around.

After the 5th wave, I didn't click on any choice, I waited for the timeout to continue.

I setup my quick melee key on keyboard (I usualy use the mouse wheel).
I killed all enemies with quick melee (with or without sliding attack).
I also accidentally enabled the channeling.


I hope that should help some other Tenno.

Don't loose hope!



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