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Lottie - The Luck Warframe (Concept)


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This is a concept for a Warframe based around luck. I gave her the name Lottie, which is short for Lottery, and while this may not be the most imaginative name, it is the best I can come up with and how I will be referring to her for the concept. I have tried to explain everything in great detail and if things are confusing please do not hesitate to ask questions, and I will try to reply as thoroughly as possible. There is no art for this concept as I have not decided on an appearance.

This concept was made for fun, so please try to minimise the amount of hate you give the concept, even if you think the ideas are confusing and would not be fit for Warframe. Thank you!



Players should be constantly looking to increase their Winnings (and thus increase damage) by using skills. However players should also be aware that spamming skills can hinder more than help, as every ability has the potential to take away from the Winnings pot. Players should be using skills when it is safe to do so, and balancing skill usage to keep their Winnings rolling in.


HP:100 (300 at Rank 30)

ENERGY:100 (250 at Rank 30)

ARMOUR:10 (50 at Rank 30)


'Unlucky' – Applied to enemies.

Increases damage taken and decreases damage dealt.

'Sore Loser'- Applied to Lottie when a bet is lost.

Puts all skills on cooldown.

'Unreal' – Applies to Lottie when the roulette ball lands on green.

Stuns all enemies in range, deals massive damage, and deals damage over time every second for 5 seconds.


Lottie has a unique mechanic called Winnings. This appears similarly to Nidus' mutation stacks. There are three tiers to Winnings; copper, silver and gold. Each tier provides better buffs than the last, but it is a lot easier to fall from higher levels, making sure players have to constantly gamble on their abilities to keep the money rolling in. The appearance of the Winnings pot changes based on the player's tier. The maximum amount of money that can be stored in Winnings is £5000.

As Lottie's winnings increase, she takes less damage from enemies, up to a total of 50%. This buff resets every time the player drops or advances a tier, and therefore does not stack across tiers.


The player begins at £0, the bottom of the copper level, at the beginning of every mission. The copper level does not provide any damage buff, though Lottie becomes stronger as more money is added to the pot. Players advance to silver tier once £500 has been earned.


Silver level doubles all damage dealt for Lottie and her allies (both from weapons and abilities). Players advance to the gold tier after £2500 has been earned. Players should ideally be spending the majority of the mission on this tier if the balancing worked correctly.


Gold tier triples all damage dealt by weapons and abilities for Lottie and her allies, and furthermore, Lottie will occasionally throw out gold coins, every 5-10 seconds, which damages enemies and debuffs them with the 'Unlucky' debuff. This increases the damage enemies take and lowers damage that they deal to Lottie and allies.


Bets can be made by charging abilities to increase their damage (except for Ability 1). The higher the bet, the more damage the ability deals. However, for every ability, there is a 50% chance to lose the bet. If a bet is lost, Lottie gains the 'Sore Loser' debuff, which puts all skills on cooldown, forcing players to resort to using their weapons. Additionally, double the bet made will be taken from the Winnings pot if the bet is lost. This will cause a decrease in damage.

There is a minimum bet which increases depending on the player's tier of Winnings. The minimum for copper tier is £100, silver tier is £500, and gold is £1000. If the skill is not charged, these base bets are used for abilities 3 and 4. These are to try and limit the amount of time a player spends on a certain tier. To limit the amount of time a player does not use abilities, Winnings will begin to decrease after a certain period of time, faster at higher tiers.

This all means that a player cannot gain the tier's damage buffs without using abilities, but they have to be mindful of the amount of money left (as for the casting of some abilties, betting is mandatory), and not focusing on the Winnings pot can cause players to fall from tiers easily.


If enough bets are lost, the Winnings number will become negative and change to Losses. Having Losses will decrease HP by half and remove any existing buffs. No bets can be made while the player has losses, meaning abilities 3 and 4 are inaccessible. It is recommended that the player uses ability 1 to rebuild their Winnings, as this is the most energy efficient route.



Lottie summons a hand of 5 playing cards. These fly outwards in straight lines, punching through enemies in their path. If all 5 cards hit at least one enemy, Lottie will gain a shield of cards that can absorb 52 hits, and add £200 to the Winnings pot. If not all cards hit at least one enemy, add £20 per card that did and do not create a shield around Lottie. Upon no cards hitting enemies, deduct £100 from Winnings.

The more money in the pot, the more damage this ability deals. If the pot is empty, deal base damage. If the pot is empty and no cards hit enemies, Winnings should become Losses (mechanics explained above).


The purpose of this first ability is to increase Lottie's winnings. This ability must be used strategically, as the more cards that hit enemies, the more money Lottie will gain. Spamming the ability can be counter intuitive, since hitting no enemies takes away money from the pot and causes the 'Sore Loser' debuff. This should be the player's most used ability because of the low chance of losing money and the potential to get a much-needed shield.


Lottie rolls two large dice. Lottie can bet on the dice by charging the ability, however, betting is optional for this skill and if no bet is made, deal base damage. These dice damage enemies in their path for the duration of the ability. Once the duration of the ability runs out, the number most closely facing Lottie will decide the amount of Winnings earned. If the number is 1, 2 or 3, Lottie loses double her bet, or if no bet was made, the Winnings will remain unchanged. If the number is 4,5 or 6, Lottie gains double her bet, or if no bet was made, the Winnings will remain unchanged.


This ability depends heavily on probability. Lottie can either lose big, win big or remain unchanged. If both numbers are 1,2 or 3, Lottie will lose a total of four times the bet made (losing double her bet twice). If both numbers are 4,5 or 6, Lottie will gain a total of four times her bet (winning double her bet twice). If one number is 1,2 or 3 and one number is 4,5 or 6, Lottie's Winnings will remain unchanged (gaining double her bet and then losing double her bet). This abiliy can be used to increase the pot, but taking the risk can massively increases Lottie's Winnings.


Lottie summons a slots machine on the ground. This deals damage while spinning, and provides buffs depending on the result of the spin. There is a 3/10 chance to borrow an ability from another Warframe (Fire Blast, Miasma or Magnetise). If this occurs, the ability will happen from the slot machine rather than from Lottie herself (e.g. Fire Blast will have the epicenter of the slots machine). These abilities are determined by range mods, duration mods and strength mods and do not cost energy. However, these abilities do give Lottie the debuff 'Insufferable' which decreases the damage of Lottie's abilities. There is a 3/10 chance for all damage of Lottie and her allies' damage to be doubled, and 4/10 chance for all damage taken by Lottie and her allies' to be halved. Betting on this ability is mandatory. If the skill is not charged, use the base bet depending on tier (£100, £500 or £1000). If another Warframe's ability is used, deduce the bet amount from the total winnings. If either of the other occurances happen, gain double the bet amount.


For this ability, making a lower bet is safter, but a higher bet can pay out due to the higher chance of gaining double the bet amount (7/10 as opposed to 3/10).


A large roulette wheel appears on the floor. This spins around and a large ball rolls around on top. The ability damages enemies in range and knocks them down, and entrances enemies near the wheel (this means they will take 2x damage and not fight back against Tenno while the wheel is spinning). The ball deals less damage as it slows down. A base bet is used of £1000 for this ability, so player must be on either silver or gold tier. The skill can also be charged if the player has enough Winnings. If the ball lands on a red tile, all damage thereafter is halved (for only Lottie) and she gains the 'Sore Loser' debuff. The bet made is taken from the Winnings pot. If the ball lands on black, all damage is doubled for Lottie. Double the bet made is added to the pot. If the ball lands on green, Lottie gains the maximum amount of money (£5000) and the buff 'Unreal' which stuns all enemies in range and deals massive damage, plus damage over time every second for 5 seconds.


A bet must be made on this skill. This is in an attempt to reduce the press 4 to win strategy. There is a 50/50 chance of getting a negative or positive effect. This skill deals the most damage out of Lottie's kit, but should be used wisely as using it too often can easily send players back down to copper tier or even into the Losses pot.

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