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Which warframe should I play?



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Melee and abilites? Hmm, the ones that come to mind for me are (in no particular order):

Saryn (her 3 adds toxin damage to all of your weapons)
Atlas (one punch everything!)
Volt (zap and slash)
Loki and Banshee (for stealth finishers)

Those are ones I'd say would be a good balance for what you're looking for.

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Excalibur is a solid choise. Easy to use, reliable and what not. This guy can take you to the end game with ease.

Wukong is the second most balanced melee frame I can think of. You get from the tenno lab in your clan dojo. Wukong is in a weird spot as many players will say that he simply get outclassed by other frames such as Excalibur, but don't let it make your decession as those who invested time learning how to use him will claim that he is a good frame. Decent blanace between a melee fighter and a tank.

Valkyr is a good melee frame, more of a tank than anything.

Khora have a strong first ability which affected by melee mods, making her somewhat of a melee frame. She is also tanky so she can get into close combat.

Atlas is just strong and best used in close combat.

The rest are not really considered "melee frames", but are really good with a melee weapon equipped:
Loki and Ash (stealth multiplier)
Saryn (Third ability give bonus toxin damage which is even stronger with a melee weapon)
Chroma (not designed for melee, he's just tanky as hell).
Every tanky frame out there can melee easily.

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Excalibur is a frame who's abilities and passive benefit melee combat.

his 1 is a dash I never really use but I think it scales on your melee weapon.
his 2 is a blind that opens up enemies for a melee finisher.
his 3 is an AoE which I think also scales on your melee weapon.
his 4 is literally a melee weapon.
and his passive increases the damage you deal with swords

Atlas' 1st scales based on your melee weapon.

Tankier frames like Rhino, Valkyr, Nidus, Inaros, and Chroma allow for you to worry less about taking damage while dishing it out in melee combat.

Frames focussing on invisibility (Loki, Ivara, and to an extent Ash) let you get close without the worry of getting hit at all unlike the Tanky frames.
although using Ivara for full on combat is a bit slow as she's more meant for the slow and methodical approach

Volt's speed also speeds up melee.

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