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Excavation power cell pick up mishap


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So I was playing an excavation alert and was goofing around but there is a bug that causes you to be unable to pick up power cells. If you use your operator to pick up the power cell and run a distance away from your frame and then use transference again, you will drop the power cell. But if you try to pick it up or ANY other power cells for that matter for the rest of the game as a warframe, you can't. It kinda hindered me because the operator doesnt travel as fast or as far with the power cell as a warframe.

Also there seems to be a bug with the vacuum mod on my helios and the mutation mods that change ammo in to other ammo. I dont know exactly what causes it, but sometimes the ammo pick ups literally spam the pick up sound and hover over to and follow my warframe no matter how much I try to get away, but it doesnt pick them up. My ammo never gets refilled. If I use trasferance, it will stop, but continue once I'm back in the frame.

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