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Warframe Support Not Responding



Hello, does anybody know any other way to get in touch with warframe support? They don't respond to my tickets. I have a problem regarding my other account (main warframe account). 
My first problem is that the email I used in that account was deleted because I made a new one. I have been playing warframe a lot before but stopped because we moved to another country. The email I used there was mainly for warframe. I deleted that account because I thought I wouldn't be playing this game again and I don't want to keep track of more than one email. My problem is that I want to change the email to a new one (the one I am mainly using right now) but can't since I can't access it anymore and google supports said it's impossible to retrieve it since it has been deleted for over a year. I want to change it because now that I have a job, I want to spend for the game and support the devs, but I fear that they might change their security and will need me to access my email to use my warframe account (much like steam). That would waste all of what I might have spent.

My second problem is that, my main account is banned from forums which is weird because I never posted, replied, liked any post, or even visited the forums before.

If anyone can help me contact warframe support, that would be a very big help. Thanks!


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