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Arbitations are lacking "unf"


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Yesterday I spent 1 hour and 20 minutes on an infested arbitration, me and my squad left not because the game mode was too difficult, but because we had gotten so bored fighting these enemies that we just gave up. The issue that I find, is that even with the arbitration shield drones, arbitrations are still more of the same. As the game drags on you start to notice how the enemies are spawning at quite a flat rate, and your guns will constantly perform the same, there are no special enemies, or even minibosses. I personally believe that some ways to make this game mode really stick out, is by adding enemies that are exclusive to arbitrations, heightening the enemy spawn rate, introducing mini-bosses, as well as adding an upgrade shop. Enemies which are exclusive to arbitrations could easily include annoying fusions of already powerful enemies, as well as some original enemies that will really lock down the player and ruin their day. With this you could get really wild about how ridiculous the enemies could be, and just sort of embrace the chaos on this one. Honestly if you put in a floating boot that does a constant vauban vortex I'd be fine with it. A personal preference of mine would be to heighten the spawn rate, as I feel arbitrations take a little while to warm up, and i think it would be better to just be thrown into the center of a mosh pit of mobs.  I feel mini-bosses who arrive at select points into each game mode would also spice things up. Imagine you're playing a survival and you get to the 30 minute mark, and then a really powerful mini-boss spawns in, and totallly wipes out your whole team.  Then finally, I'd like to say that it would certainly be interesting as well to add an upgrade shop, where you can create really strange overpowered builds that only last for just that mission. Each enemy could be worth a select amount of tokens (I personally feel 1 token per enemy would be just fine) and these tokens can be used to buy simple upgrades that mods would normally do, such as +damage, +health, +multishot, etc. Going until it reaches some ridiculous number (like +800% multishot). I feel these sorts of changes could help make the gamemode stand out as a more interesting end game option. These are just my personal tastes that I feel could improve the game, obviously you don't have to do any of these things, and I don't expect you to. But it'd be totally sick nasty if you did.

P.S. It'd be totally badass to do the whole thing with 8 players in your squad too.

P.S.S. I'll probably find this post really stupid once I am sober.

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