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Arbitrations Feedback


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First off let me say that DE thank you for taking the time to listen to the player base and implement harder alerts for us more experienced players instead of purely ignoring us and catering to new players - it's honestly a breath of fresh air compared to some other developers mistreatment of veteran players.

I also DO NOT want to poo-poo the team's hard work when it comes to Arbitrations and how much sweat and tears I'm sure went into creating them - thank you again.

I would like to offer some constructive feedback after having spent the last week or so trying them out. The initial goal and vision of Arbitrations was to offer veteran players harder more rewarding alerts, and in that regard I think you hit the mark, but not as well as you could have. I think it's ok to take a more firm stance in regard to these alerts being specifically designed as a challenge by lowering the amount of time it takes for rewards to show up in survival from 10 minutes to 5 minutes but keeping the amount of enemies spawning the same. You could even bump up the starting level for enemies from 60-80 or even 100 and I think that would be a fair challenge. Most veteran players can easily complete sortie 3 content which is level 100+ and I feel like the added challenge would be welcome and we could avoid the snooze-fest that is waiting around for enemies in survival to spawn for 10 minutes at a time. 

To be clear, it's not necessarily the time commitment so much as the boredom for veteran players with end-game optimized builds waiting around for enemies to spawn. 

Also - please take a look at the damage reduction interactions between Arbitration drones and Ancient Healers please - that can sometimes end up in situations where everything is invulnerable and literally impossible to damage. 

Thank you again DE for creating content for end-game veterans and not just neglecting us. 

- Valgus92

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Frankly the drones and invincibility is a little bit of a meh solution to the whole ordeal. You are promoting high fire-rate or more aoe attacks to take care of the drones. Bows are at a disadvantage here, as are semi autos with a longish reload, for example Latron...

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Well same thing I said on another forum thread about this.


The thing is when starting these mobs at a higher level for something like endo isn't the best move. This game mode was more or less designed to give the mid range player a better option of farming endo then beating your face into the arena. I'm working on a idea for a starting level 80 for kuva based rewards something that would be more tuned to the real end game players.

We have a mob that makes all the mobs immune to damage and CC we don't need more mobs at the end of the day there. That mob is also immune to CC and status effects and will clump in the center of mobs being covered in every way. You want a larger group effected by that as well? We have one life and adding in all this difficulty for a resource that real vets have millions of just sitting around while they are also selling fully ranked primed mods wont be worth any vets time and the players its tuned for wont do it because its not worth it.

Even Kuva more mobs with still having the immune drone I'll pass I like to be in a mission well past one shot and that doesn't give that instead you are dead instantly because if you aren't stealth they will kill you because you can't do the only other thing you can do at true endgame of warframe and that's CC. Have fun with double the mobs at level 1200 with them all being immune to CC and damage. Best of all the drone will be scaled with them immune to CC and immune to status effects. 

The drone as a whole already needs to be reworked to allow for true endgame play. I was leaning towards a ancient healer & disruptor buff and increase its radius by 25%. reducing CC times by half and damage taken by 90% 

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