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Stacking Trade Items


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So, a clan mate and I went to do a trade, he has a hundreds of Cyan stars and because of the new elite alerts giving us a lot of statues I am out of Cyan stars.  We went to do a trade, and I was getting 100 Cyan stars from him.  But the way the trading is set up he could only pick one star per trade slot, so that wasn't doable 😞

Can we please get stacking trading like our inventory does for multiple of the same item?  Please?  Would be really helpful 😄

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The whole idea is that these items aren't stackable.
So it encourages people to farm stuff on their own instead of buying all of it.
DE wants people to play their game and not just buy everything, play with it for a day and leave the game once and for all.

It's unlikely they will change that.
And really, Cyan Stars are easy to come by. (The Amber ones are a different story)

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