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Arbitration PSA (apparently needed)


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1 hour ago, MajesticPinecone said:

so you joined a public match and none of them listened to you so you came to the forums to make a psa? okay


Yep. What's with the disparaging tone? I told people and half the time they didn't believe me and apparently they don't read the Wiki.
What am I gonna do, make it my glyph?


28 minutes ago, NotDealwithitdog said:

You gotta accept that sometimes, and if you really want to go for a long time, get a squad together in recruit chat or go solo.

I hear you, but those resources can be gotten so much easier elsewhere while the rewards from Arbitration rotation C are unique to that mission type. I'm not looking to go for hours on end with a pub, but I'd like to actually go to C.
This has been argued to death in other contexts, but I don't really agree that I have to assume a public squad is running a mission without being interested in what it actually has to offer - especially when that mission is timegated.
It's turning into ESO or Tridolon caps again where people leave after the shortest possible interval and the default is that recruiting chat is necessary to even go a full rotation. 

Unless DE expand the rewards we can purchase, Arbitrations will be a glorified endo farm soon enough anyway.
Until then I don't think it's too much to ask that people at least try to treat it as the unique game mode it is.  

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I kinda agree with TC on this one.  Its a tough subject and if it wasnt arbitrations they were talking about i would have a different stance.

Surely rotation c is the goal here, if you want to ditch before that happens in case you lose resources then go play a different mode, like normal alerts or god forbid, a normal node.

They are only unlocked after completing all nodes.

I dont know, you cant really complain about randoms in public but i do understand where Weirgate is coming from.

I also agree with squads being painfully long to acquire sometimes, leading you to just jump into a pub and hope for the best.


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