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Arbitratrions feedback: Starting level, enemy number and spawn rate


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Hello, I'm here to offer my feedback on the new game mode, Arbitrations.

First I'd like to thank DE for the awsome game they created and the new game mode. Keep up the good work!.

Now a litte bit of a disclaimer. Im not a native english speaker, so I apologize if I have grammar errors or the like, I'm going to do my best to make this post as clear as posible, and don't be afraid to correct my english in the comments. Without further ado, lets begin.

Starting level

Right now the starting level of any Arbitration mission is 60. Being honest this is not a level that threatens players who have their fair amount of time playing the game, I think the level enemies should start is, at least, 80-90 as originally intended, that's where the threat and the fun begins.

Enemy number and spawn rate

This is a suggestion on how to make this game mode more difficult but is probably referring to missions like survival and excavation beacuse of the bigger maps.

I consider that having double the enemies shooting at you or trying to bite your head off, plus those same enemies appearing faster and closer to you would be an excelent way to increase the difficulty of this missions and also provide a challege to the veteran community, the one that this game mode is targeting. 


All 3 recomendations combined could help Arbitrations become the end game mode that the warframe community needs (a little bit desperately). Because this game mode has a lot of potential but also has a lot of issues, most of them are not mentioned here, like rewards or enemy level scaling (level scaling has been mentioned in other posts you should check it out). But in the end we, the warframe commnunity needs to help DE adress those issues with well intentioned and respectful feed back, that is the main purpose of this post. I hope everything was as clear as possible and thanks for reading.


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The thing is when starting these mobs at a higher level for something like endo isn't the best move. This game mode was more or less designed to give the mid range player a better option of farming endo then beating your face into the arena. I'm working on a idea for a starting level 80 for kuva based rewards something that would be more tuned to the real end game players.

We have a mob that makes all the mobs immune to damage and CC we don't need more mobs at the end of the day there. That mob is also immune to CC and status effects and will clump in the center of mobs being covered in every way. You want a larger group effected by that as well? We have one life and adding in all this difficulty for a resource that real vets have millions of just sitting around while they are also selling fully ranked primed mods wont be worth any vets time and the players its tuned for wont do it because its not worth it.

Even Kuva more mobs with still having the immune drone I'll pass I like to be in a mission well past one shot and that doesn't give that instead you are dead instantly because if you aren't stealth they will kill you because you can't do the only other thing you can do at true endgame of warframe and that's CC. Have fun with double the mobs at level 1200 with them all being immune to CC and damage. Best of all the drone will be scaled with them immune to CC and immune to status effects. 

The drone as a whole already needs to be reworked to allow for true endgame play. I was leaning towards a ancient healer & disruptor buff and increase its radius by 25%. reducing CC times by half and damage taken by 90% 

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