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Personal quality of life suggestions/bug reports


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Hi, since I came back to warframe roughly 3-4 months ago (stopped around 2016) I got into the habit of taking notes about everything that could be improved in my opinion and some bugs I've noticed too.
I'll try to be as much accurate as possible by grouping everything where it belongs to.

P.S: Sorry if some of my suggestions may have already been implemented in the game. If so just ignore those and move on to the next ones. Also, if this is not the most appropriate place to post this, feel free to move it elsewhere. Thank you.

A little preview of what I think most of players wish for at the moment:


- Add a relic "Marking System", to let us mark and recognize at glance which relic to open on fissure missions (V,X, no mark). Or even an advanced one that uses primary colors, so we can assign visual priorities to setup which relics "opening" progression we want to follow. (1,2,3...,X=vaulted)



- Add an option to remember the login password upon login, plus a checkbox to double confirm that (when we know we are logging from a safe pc).

- Add a "Client Only/Never Host" option into the "PC Type" setting or make so that we can't host at all with the actual "Netbook" one. This is useful for those (like me) who have a really bad ISP upload connection, so that we won't trigger the "Host Migration" system for nothing, since then people will leave squad anyway or have insane lag. One less operation to manage for the server, one less burden on the warframe client itself.


- Change the "Toggle Sprint" option by enabling the sprint from the start, making it so the default behaviour. Otherwise you have to press the sprint key at every new mission start/Orbiter return.

- Make so that all those warframe abilities (like Hydroid's Undertow, or Ivara's Prowl etc...) won't break anymore the "Toggle Sprint" setting (if enabled) on ability deactivation, because you have to press it a second time to make the warframe sprinting again after using those, and that is annoying on endless missions in my opinion.


- Add an option to rearrange the main Arsenal (warframes) Loadouts list.

- Add an option to assign a Primary/Secondary/Melee/Companion/Companion Weapon etc... to every warframe Loadouts available in the Arsenal (warframes) list.

- Add an option to copy warframe "Upgrade" and "Appearance" presets over others (A><B><C)

- Add an additional tab to quickly select warframe presets (ABC) on the right side of "Upgrade" warframe one. (do the same for the Appearance tab too).

- Being able to set regalia (both emblems and sigils) on all A/B/C warframe loadouts automatically, instead of going into each one to do so. (It doesn't matter if the Sigil is placed slightly off anyway, since that is already a big QoL improvement; this instead can easily be manually adjustable by us later on)

- Add an option to rearrange our favourite colors palettes? (maybe raise the count limit of how many favorites colors we can have too?)

- Change the way the "Spinning Wheel" works by not endlessly spinning in a way that totally mess up the items position everytime you do a whole spin of it. (slots position visual memory is a nasty beast). Or at least put some empty spaces so that it stay organized as you put items on the wheel.

- Make so that when consuming all of an X gear item during a mission (e.g: Large Energy Restore), that item will be replaced with a greyed out copy of the same item (that won't be deleted) otherwise the gear wheel will shift every next items back by 1 slot, breaking so all Gear Hotkeys set up.


- Add a relic "Marking System", to let us mark and recognize at glance which relic to open on fissure missions (V,X, no mark). Or even an advanced one that uses primary colors, so we can assign visual priorities to setup which relics "opening" progression we want to follow. (1,2,3...,X=vaulted)


- Have an highly customizable rule system in the Mod panel to Auto-Sell/Auto Endo Convert a set amount of the same mod/mods.
Basic example: I want to keep only 6 Body Count mods: 5 differently ranked (rank 1 to 5) + maybe 1 unranked (=6 total), anything else is automatically sold.


- Integrate the Arsenal equipment system to the Personal Quarters "Change Display" itself so that we won't have to sacrifice one Arsenal warframe Loadout just to keep the visual warframe we want in there).


- Add an additional tab to quick select warframe presets (ABC) from the Navigation chart, maybe on the right side of the Change Loadout panel, between the warframe loadout name itself and the scroll bar.


- Fix the bug that happens on the Arsenal panel when upgrading a Mod on a warframe that shares exactly the same type of Mod of another warframe but of different rank.
This leads everytime the game to wrongly think that the second mod is being upgraded, when it's not (e.g when upgrading an unranked Thief's Wit on the Warframe 1 and despite having enough mod capacity available, you will (wrongly) get the usual message "Fusion Conflict: installed mod would exceed capacity of Warframe 2/Other Warframes" that have the fully upgraded Thief's Wit, and not the one included in Warframe 1) :

- Fix Huras Kubrow/Shade Warframe invisibility visual bug.
Bugged Behaviour: This bug happens when your stealth warframe (tested with Loki but probably can be achievable with Ivara, Ash etc too) is equipped with an Huras Kubrow with Stalk mod or a Shade with Ghost mod upgrades, most frequently on endless missions when the action is hectic. When any warframe stealth ability is active along your kubrow/companion one, your warframe will completely vanish from your screen (other players will still be able to see you, but you won't seeing your model at all), sometimes leaving only your melee on stealth mode and still visible. I can't honestly recall if death could solve the issue either but probably so.

- Fix Titania warframe visual compenetration triggered by its idle animation in the Arsenal when on the Secondary>Appearance tab if a single handed Secondary weapon is equipped (Atomos, Gammacor, Azima etc...etc..). The compenetration will cause Titania to vanish briefly (2-3 seconds) and the bug is more obvious if the model is rotated 180° facing the Arsenall "wall" since then she will completely disappear. (Titania ass too stronk...)

- Fix Excalibur Umbra quiver model compenetration (sad Umbra is sad, stabbed in the back by its own quiver....)

- Fix Exalted Blade Stance being visually removed from all "Upgrade Loadouts" on Excalibur Umbra when switching to another one.

- Fix Dargyns Braton weapon having no sound.


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