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Mastery Rank 13 test: Falling into void after succesfully killing last enemy requires manual abort


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During the MR13 rank-up test, after succesfully killing the last enemy, you might fall into the void and respawn as if you had failed. You seemingly cannot succeed in this next try, and eventually will fall and end up a white void, your character info will show "DEAD" and you will be unable to take any actions. The succesful rank-up UI is never shown, but upon aborting the mission manually, you acquire the mastery rank nevertheless. This bug manifests on both practice and qualify modes.

Steps taken:

  1. Succesfully kill all the enemies.
  2. Make sure you fall off a platform as soon as you succesfully kill all the enemies, or jump off the reward platform before you start kneeling if falling does not initially succeed.
  3. You should now have respawned on the starting platform as if you had failed the previous try, complete with the "tries left" message. The enemies killed counter will show 0/16. If you did this on your last try, it will tell you you have 0 tries left.
  4. As soon as you jump back on the disappearing platforms and kill an enemy, the enemy counter will change to 1/0.
  5. If you fall off a platform now, you will fall and subsequently be stuck with a white screen, dead, and the only meaningful action you can take is aborting the mission.
  6. On aborting the mission, you are rewarded mastery rank 13 and related achievements.

Additionally, occasionally instead of falling down to a white void, you get "Mission failed" screen. I could not reproduce this after it first occurred, and I don't know if it would have failed to award the mastery rank. It could also be that I actually did fail during that attempt to reproduce the bug.

It seems like this MR10 rank-up test bug might be the same bug:


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