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Buff application issues


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Here is a small compilation of bugs and design choices some of which create a perfect synergy of frustration.

  1. Renewal (Oberon) cannot be reapplied until recast. When renewal is used, it creates an area that applies Renewal buff to any ally that gets within the effective range. However, if you lose the buff due to being hugged by a Nullifier Crewman or getting out of bounds, it won't be applied anymore unless the Oberon cancels his Renewal ability and recasts it again.
  2. Excalibur Umbra loses all buffs when transference is used. A friendly neighbor Oberon gave you a renewal buff? Too bad, because you can't use you operator now unless you are prepared to lose all benefits the noble fairy king just gave you. And you won't even be able to gain them back due to issue #1.
  3. Excalibur Umbra is immune to Guardian Blast (Vazarin). Because he had enough of your void devilry.
  4. Pets are affected by Nullifier Crewman. You can't control you pets whatsoever which is why they are immune to spy vault alert triggers and most environmental hazards. But Nullifier Crewman doesn't care.
  5. Phoenix Renewal (Augment) doesn't work on pets. I get that dogs go to heaven but cats are supposed to have nine lives.
  6. Guardian Shell (Vazarin) blocks friendly projectiles.
  7. Guardian Shell (Vazarin) doesn't block enemy beams (e.g. Flux Rifle from Elite Crewman).
  8. (BONUS) When a rescue target on PoE takes pistols from clients he never gives them back after the mission is complete. Plains living is tough living.
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