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Riven bug


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So I was doing the sabotage mission (Desdemona) on Uranus, cause I got a riven, that requires me to open 2 orokin cache without failing the mission. I did it after searching through the whole map, got the message that its done and then on my way to the extraction I accidentally jumped into water aaaand for some reason it resetted my counter and I didnt get my riven opened at the and of the mission, which by the way was succesfull.

Another riven: kill x enemy without taking damage. I did it on Lith, Earth, got the message its done and after that I died (wasnt my fault, jumped too high and the game rewarded me with an instakill). And for some mysterious reason it resetted my counter. This mission was also a succes btw.

I might be missing something, but I think that once a riven's done, it should stay done and not reset the counter (unless the rivens descripton says otherwise).

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