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Login Failed.


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I was just standing in my orbiter and suddenly i logged out for no reason.

Tried to login but no use so i got to the warframe website logged in there with the password i always use.

Just in case i changed it and tried login in again in-game but no use.


Anyone else having this problem too? 



Just for a heads-up. I've seen a different post related to this problem.
Seems like DE warned us for something like this happening in the future

See link here


EDIT (2)

It's been 3 full days without touching warframe, so far it's been going pretty well actually -no withdrawal symptoms so far

EDIT (3)

Seems like baro will arrive in just 4 days (+12 hours), he better sell something good this time like the Mara Detron because the 100th visit on PC was a dissaster (nothing personal DE but everyone had high hopes that day). Instead it was the console boys who were able to get their hands on it.
Since i've been sharing my life story what do you guys want the most from baro?

Oh and i still can't login and DE hasn't mentioned anything about this problem either.

I wish you Tenno the best of luck, everyday i stare at Lua and pray to our Unum. We can pull this off, Together 
PS:  Mind as well start an annual stoptober but for warframe instead. Charity stuff and donate all the money we collect to some Carpal Tunnel foundation. Seems like an idea right?

EDIT (3)
Yeah still happening

EDIT (4)
just got my new rig. Upgraded my bad boy with an intel i3-8100 and i honestly can't wait to stream and hunt eidollons in the future.
However for now i'm just warming myself up incase the same problem occurs again.




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