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Guerra, the breakthrough warframe with archwing weaponry


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So, when I watched the devstream with the imperator on foot, the first thing I thought was "Okay, won't this just make archwing weapons ridiculously common and mundane, and take away all oompf they might have. After of course nerfing them into a crater because they would break the early game completely". Giving us the archwing weapons for EVERYONE is a exceedingly poor idea that will not be patched in the slightest by making it take up both the main and side-arm slot or making you move somewhat slower. There are only 3 outcomes for a mass-integration of archwing weaponry and that is trivializing the maingame, making them easier to milk mastery out or just being pointless. So,

Why not make a warframe for it? Why not put in a Warframe that bucks the trend in exhalted weaponry by simply going Fallout power armor mode, whipping out a massive gauss cannon and blasting the enemies to smithereens while shirking off enemy shots with ease?

And with that thought in mind, I created Guerra, the breakthrought Warframe.  Inspired with by the Mobile Infantry from Starship Trooper (the book, not the movie), Guerra recreates the tactics from before the fall of Earth. Shock and Awe, Guerra is here to provide in spades.

Armor:  250
Health: 125
Shield: 125
Energy: 125
Movement: 1.00

Guerra, in his default state, looks like what you'd think a future soldier dunked in a bath of molten tin looks like. His helmet-like head, muscular build and inbuild Helminth Pack make him look like a soldier ready for war from a distance.

Now, an immediate detail that puts Guerra apart and probably will trigger every fashion frame player that reads this tread is: He comes with a pre-packed, unremovable Syandana, this being the Helminth Pack and this being in dire need of a more catchy name. The Helminth Pack is essentially the source of the aforementioned "Power Armor Mode"; it is a biological battery that will wrap Guerra in a secondary layer of infested armor using the abilities of the helminth virus, leaving him looking like a power-armored brute capable of overpowering any other warframe. His helmet head is also unique in that it has a seperate mask and "helmet", with the Mask coming from the Helminth Pack.

Because, you see, the Helminth Pack also somewhat infringes on Chromas territory, by altering its element to one of the combined elements based on the energy color it has. This element decides the effect of Guerras passive and the way his 1 functions. The overall purpose of his kit to make him a true allrounder that can be build in many ways, but really doesn't excell at anything. It also alters the mask you have, switching between a glass-like flak mask (Blast and Radiation), a gas mask (Viral and Gas) and death mask (magnetic and Corrosive)

Passive: Based on what energy his Helminth Pack is feeding him, he gets one of the following passives:

Blast (Red Hues): Removes wind-up time for weaponry that has it, and improves charge times for launchers by 25%. 
Corrosive (Green Hues): Critical Hits have a 15% chance to proc corrosive status
Gas (Yellow Hues): Makes you immune from Nox death clouds and those obnoxious green clouds the infested sometimes create
Magnetic (Darkblue and grey Hues): Increases shield regeneration by 50%
Radiation (Light Blue and whites): Makes you immune to self-damage
Viral (Browns and Oranges): 20% of shield regeneration is applied to health, allowing persistent healing as long you don't allow your shield to get destroyed.


Each of these should complement a certain playstyle at different levels. Now, to his abilities:

1. Decimation System: To the Helminth Pack, there are 2 physical charges. Upon activating your 1, one of these will pop out diagonally upward and propel itself towards your reticle at high speed, causing a AoE effect determined by the HP energy color. The ability cannot be spammed, as the charges need to reform over a period of 20 seconds after usage. ability duration *Increases* this charge time. Standard AoE: 6m. Energy cost: 40

Blast: Standard fragmentation charge. Blasts enemies away and inflicts puncture procs with 50% increased duration (Affected by ability power) and 25% more area of effect
Corrosive: Fires a chemical agent charge, dealing flame damage and gives enemies a 10% to enchance incoming damage (Either turning a normal hit into a crit or a crit into a red crit). decreases AoE by 50%
Gas: Exactly what it says on the tin, creates an area denial cloud that lasts 5 seconds and will constantly deal gas damage and proc toxin on anyone in it
Magnetic: THe best thing since sliced bread: decreases AoE by 80%, but gives it the ability to implode Nullifier bubbles, turning those pesky nullifiers into your personal red-barrels
Radiation: A simple flashbang that creates a short blind effect of 3s to enemies in its epicenter (So don't expect to go on a gara/excallibur murder spree) and cripples the enemies accuracy severely if they are caught in the general range. Has 50% increased range
Viral: Corrupts the enemy with an energy-eater strain. Has to be a direct hit to function. Hard-CC's the enemy and causes him to sponge up anything you shoot at him. Any time you proc an effect. At the end of the duration, the enemy explodes (If dealt enough damage to die), dealing 150% of the creatures max health to them and proccing all statuses inflicted on the enemy during the effect. Any enemy killed will repeat this effect with the overkill damage instead of the max health, and with smaller range. Basically, you can set enemies up to become chain bombs or spread status very fast (Note: The CC'd enemy is IMMUNE to status procs, and only saves to store it. This means magnetic procs, bleed procs, corrosive procs and viral procs WILL NOT affect the enemy)

2. Barricade:

What it says on the tin. Creates a vaguely U shaped barricade that enemies can vault over, but cannot walk into normally or fire into. You however can easily fire out of it. Being within the barricade gives you 25% bonus damage. 3 can be active at any given time and they are borderline indestructible. Use it in defensive missions, excevation missions or when camping in survival to defend a point, creating hardpoints and enemy buffers.

Augment: Defensive Bastion: Summons all 3 barricades in an enclosed triangle with blunt corners. Also increases range.

3. Inspiring Presence:

Lead your team by example, and lead a charge that cannot be broken. This 3 is a persistent aura that gives everyone in range knockdown resistance, recoil reduction, and gives everyone the benefits of your current passive.


4. Juggernaut:

Sacrifices all current energy and feeds it into the Helminth Pack, causing the strain within to go out of control and create a secondary frame around the user, increasing the health of Guerra 8x fold and giving him the spend energy in armor (affected by powerstrength). It should be noted that the healthbar seems to be inverse, with the shields at the right. Once the health pool is depleted, you revert. This ability turns you into a juggernaut of death, slowing you down, making you much stronger and causing you to whip out the best type of exalted weapon: A massive #*!%off cannon of your choosing, or a blade, if that is how you do things. Yes, any archwing weapon, including the Knux, can be placed in your exalted weapon slot. All mods for this exalted archwing weapons will provide 50% more effect, Assuring the weapons scale much better. 

Augment: Berserker: Prevents non-melees from being used and brings the health increase to 2x, but increases the movement and allows you to leap around ground smashing everything with your massive #*!%off scythe or knux. Because why not?

All feedback is appreciated. And yes, I know Corrosive seems to be somewhat imbalanced at the moment


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